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35 Years, 35 Memories #3: Jacque’s Story

“I remember wandering into your shop in Arlington Gardens and being thrilled that there was a place that had wonderfully different cheeses!  And the owner was SO delightful!  I have been a happy customer ever since and have far too many wonderful memories to count!  Congratulations on 35 years, Debbie Branby!”

–Jacque M. Ewing-Taylor

I, too, have too many memories to count!  It was the support of loyal customers that kept me going in those first four years at Arlington Gardens. It was also where the seeds of becoming a caterer began, with Jacque being a supporter of that, too!




35 Years, 35 Memories #2: Sandy Macias Remembers


“When thinking of The Cheese Board, I immediately flash on a fresh, genial entrepreneur, Debbie Branby, in her first venue in Arlington Gardens. She’s dressed in a uniform with a crisp apron, eagerly taking my sandwich order — and educating me on cheeses beyond cheddar. Flash forward to 2016, and look at her now: from cheese and sandwich shop owner to the experienced caterer and restaurateur behind Reno’s favorite bistro. What a ride!”

–Sandy Macias

Sandy Macias is not only one of The Cheese Board’s earliest customers, she was also for many years a  food writer and editor at the Reno Gazette-Journal. During her tenure there, she covered many of the new cheeses and specialty food items we were bringing to the Reno area, along with events and tastings. Sandy and her husband, Sam, have become dear friends over the years. Lucky me!


35 Years, 35 Memories #1: The Cheese Board in 1981


Thirty-five years can go by very quickly! This month, we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of The Cheese Board by sharing stories and memories from me, customers, family, and our team. This whole process — collecting stories/memories —  has invited a lot of reflection on where we started, the people we have touched, the village it takes to keep a small business alive, and how we have evolved. It’s not earth-shaking stuff; we haven’t cured cancer, but we have had some happy impacts on many peoples lives, whether it was introducing someone to a delicious cheese, concocting a special sandwich that a customer eats three times a week, or that perfect (at least in the most important person of the day’s — the bride’s — eyes) wedding.

So here we go on my 35 year stroll down memory lane. Thank you for indulging me, and for your friendship  and support over the years.  And, yep, that’s me, on opening day in 1981 in my 200-square-foot cheese shop in Arlington Gardens, where it all began.

— Debbie

Holiday Party Planning Takes Time. Fortunately, We Started In 1981.

Office parties. Family gatherings. The crazy crowds at the mall. Yes, the holidays are almost upon us. So call The Cheese Board. We cater all over Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe with yummy food, amazing drinks, and great service, with menus made for every taste and budget. And whether you’re planning an “After 6” party here in The Cheese Board’s delightful dining room, an event at your office, or entertaining in your home, our talented team of catering pros has the experience and expertise to make your party memorable. Click here to check out our brand-new Holiday Party Menus. Then call Debbie Branby at (775) 323-3115, ext. 104 or Krista Phillips at ext. 105, and let us work our yumminess on you this holiday season!

Thank You, Paula, For Allowing Us To Be A Part Of A Life Well-Lived!

One of the best things about being a Reno catering company is the chance to share major life events with people you really adore. In fact, we have been blessed over the years to cater many of Reno’s weddings, births, christenings, birthdays, promotions, investitures, parties, and almost every celebration you can imagine. (And some you can’t!) A few weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, a dear client and friend celebrated a milestone birthday at The Cheese Board, with everything from Adele to Led Zeppelin playing on the sound system while she and her guests laughed, ate, drank, and danced well into the evening. Thank you, Paula, for allowing us to share in your celebration…and best wishes for many more years in a life well lived!

Reno-Sparks Business Catering On The Upswing As Local Companies Set The Table For Success in 2012

Along with signs of spring this week come positive signs in the Reno-Sparks business community, notably that many local businesses are holding more sales meetings, business gatherings, and inviting more clients and prospects into their business to meet and discuss opportunities. For us at The Cheese Board American Bistro & Catering Company, that’s exciting because business owners and managers are recognizing the importance of “setting the table” for clients, prospects, and employees with fresh, healthy, and delicious food and drink. In fact, new data forecasts business catering spending to increase 7% in 2012 as business owners look to differentiate their companies and build new relationships via the world’s oldest and simplest shared experience—sitting down and talking over great food and drink. We snapped the photo above of our own adorable Georgia as she was dashing out the door with a lunch delivery across town. Bon appétit!

Life Is Uncertain, So Eat Dessert First

You’ll notice a delightful change at The Cheese Board this week: our new Dessert Counter, which greets you right as you walk in! Besides opening up The Cheese Board and making it more inviting for our guests, the dessert counter showcases the handiwork of our dynamic duo, culinary stylist Caitlin Fletcher and baker extraordinaire Andrea Medina, who have put together a fabulous display of fresh, house-made seasonal cupcakes, pies, dessert bars, cookies, and even gluten-free dessert offerings. You can also pre-order Pecan or Pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. You know what they say: Life is uncertain, so eat dessert first. We can’t wait to tempt you with something yummy at The Cheese Board!

Catering For Some Awesome Aussies On The Playa

The little Koala bear that our Aussie friends gave us!By Krista Phillips

Back in June, I received an email from a woman named Zoe in Australia inquiring about having The Cheese Board provide some hors d’oeuvres to serve at Burning Man.  A group of Australians were coming to the states for the festival, and they wanted to provide some “canapés” for their fellow campers, 150 in all.  They would have two refrigerators and one chest freezer onsite, and they needed something that they could assemble and grill over four days.

After emailing our ideas back and forth across oceans, we came up with petite chicken and beef skewers with a mango bbq sauce and chipotle bbq sauce, and deconstructed caprese skewers (marinated mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and fresh basil).  Zoe also wanted to have some items that were unique to Australia, so she shipped over some Vegemite and Tim Tams for them to make onsite. Fot the final touch, Zoe was able to source some kangaroo that they were going to grill onsite as well and serve on our crostinis.

As summer usually does, it flew by fast, and before I knew it Zoe and her fellow campers were in town to pick up their hors d’oeuvres.  I couldn’t wait to meet her!  She and her fellow campers were just as lovely as I thought they would be.  They made me an honorary member of their camp, Ashram Galactica by Coco Poco Loco.  Their motto, “Safety Third,” (after bacon and sex).  Hmmm…bacon! No wonder we got along so well!

I hope they make the journey again next year, as I would love to see them again!

Did you know The Cheese Board delivers all over town?


Tired of industrial-grade office pizza that tastes like the box it came in? Well, the next time the boss wants everybody to work through lunch, or attend a marathon meeting ’til the cows come home, consider ordering the fresh, delicious soups, salads, entrées, sandwiches, and freshly-baked desserts from The Cheese Board. Since we opened in 1981, we’ve delivered for business throughout Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, and beyond. Check out all the menu offerings on our web site, or call Krista or Debbie at ext. 105 or 104 to help you pick out something that’ll make workplace dining a lot more workable for everyone…especially those who like a little yumminess in their workday!