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35 Years, 35 Memories #11: Meet The “Cobbettes”

Sometimes you just become part of the family. I’ve known Bill and Cathy Cobb for all of my adult life and therefore, all of their children’s lives. Known by me as the Cobbettes, these kids, now adults, are a precious part of my personal and business life. I am so delighted that they shared their “Debbie’s Place” memories with me. — Debbie

“There are so many great memories of The Cheese Board that it is hard to pick just one. I know I began my love of SporTea at The Cheese Board as well as for delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. In fact it is still a tradition for any Cobb who eats at The Cheese Board to take pix and send to the rest of the family for the sole purpose of letting them know they missed out!”

“It took me until I was in high school to realize the actual name of The Cheese Board. I always thought it was called “Debbie’s.” Our family always said “let’s go to Debbie’s for lunch today.” We still do but I learned that I should use the official name for others after telling my friend to meet me at “Debbie’s on California Ave.” This was before cell phones so she was driving up and down the street trying to look for the restaurant to meet me for lunch. Whoops!

I love the friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in. The staff are always so friendly and remember you. One even knows I love goat cheese and always offers to swap the cheese on the special for goat cheese. So sweet. Debbie also knew how much I love the carrot cake there. I usually hate carrot cake but love hers. So, when I go, I order a chocolate chip cookie for my appetizer and then have carrot cake for dessert. I was pleasantly surprised at my high school graduation when The Cheese Board catered the party and Debbie made sure to bring me my very own carrot cake so I wouldn’t have to share with anyone.

It’s also so nice to see Debbie walking around and speaking to the customers, checking in on their family, friends and lives. Actually I have never felt like a customer, but more like family.

Now, as the only sibling currently living in Reno, it is my duty to take photos of my lunch (including the chocolate chip cookies) and send to my siblings to make them jealous. It brings me such satisfaction to rub it in!”

I would say that the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are pretty much heaven on earth. I love those turkey sandwiches and focaccia and … everything!

The fact that it’s been Reno’s go-to place for catering in pretty much the only important time frame of Reno’s history (i.e., my life) is also pretty sweet. But what is really cool is how we don’t call it The Cheese Board but we call it Debbie’s 🙂 which pretty much sums up how close we are with it (and how she always knew she had catering reserved for Manogue graduations even before Mom reserved it. One time someone called up months in advance for reservations but Debbie said no because she knew mom would need us catered!).

I’m hungry now…

I will never forget as a little kid the Oranges and Sourdough Bread that I would only order (yes, that was my entire meal) … awesome they had that personal meal for me and damn was it good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I have said before, lucky me to have these wonderful people in my life. Good job Crush!!

Thanks for the memories, Cobbettes, and for sharing your lives with all of us at The Cheese Board! –Debbie

35 Years, 35 Memories #7: Katie Recollects

A couple of months ago, I was having dinner with friends, one of whom was one of our longest-serving members of The Cheese Board team (family not included, my darling sister Krista!). This particular friend told the story of how, when she was nine years old, she would come into The Cheese Board with her mother and buy string cheese or the famous chocolate cream cheese (yum!).  She later came to work with us in The Cheese Board bistro and at catered events, and even modeled for our postcard mailings! Sometimes you just don’t know how you touch people’s lives, but I do with Katie Menante Anderson.  She’s now all grown up, has children, a great job with WCSD, and when it comes to cutting cake at school events, she’s the pro they turn to! Katie, thanks so much for sharing your memories and many talents with us over the years!


35 Years, 35 Memories #2: Sandy Macias Remembers


“When thinking of The Cheese Board, I immediately flash on a fresh, genial entrepreneur, Debbie Branby, in her first venue in Arlington Gardens. She’s dressed in a uniform with a crisp apron, eagerly taking my sandwich order — and educating me on cheeses beyond cheddar. Flash forward to 2016, and look at her now: from cheese and sandwich shop owner to the experienced caterer and restaurateur behind Reno’s favorite bistro. What a ride!”

–Sandy Macias

Sandy Macias is not only one of The Cheese Board’s earliest customers, she was also for many years a  food writer and editor at the Reno Gazette-Journal. During her tenure there, she covered many of the new cheeses and specialty food items we were bringing to the Reno area, along with events and tastings. Sandy and her husband, Sam, have become dear friends over the years. Lucky me!


What Would You Like To See On Our New Website?


We’re getting ready to re-do the website for The Cheese Board, so we thought we’d ask the obvious question: What do YOU (our amazing and valued customer!) want to see in the new website?  To knock a couple things off of the list, YES, we are going to responsive web design, so you can surf on your phone or tablet, and yes, we are going to incorporate our new Instagram account, so you can see “hot off the grill” photos of our catered events, business lunches, weddings, and what-have-you. So there’s that. But if you’ve got a moment, we’d like to hear from you about the types of things you’d like to see (and yes, we’re moving the Daily Specials up so it’s one click to yumminess when you’ve got that Cheese Board craving! From all of us here at The Cheese Board, thank you for 35 fabulous years of sharing the joys of the table — and the joys of your life’s many celebrations — with us!

A Reno-Tahoe Party Catering Sampler from The Cheese Board in Reno







It has been a wonderful and fun holiday catering season for all of us at The Cheese Board Catering Company in Reno. This is a tiny sampler of all the yummy hors d’oeuvres and entrées we’ve cooked up for our clients and their guests this holiday season. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to our fabulous clients, our fantastic team at The Cheese Board, led by Chef Kaimi Coonrad, our front-of-the-house team led by Caitlin Fletcher, and our catering sales and service team, led by Krista Phillips (who, incidentally, also took all of these great photos at events this season!). From all of us at The Cheese Board, best wishes for a safe and satisfying holiday season, and Happy New Year!

Is your Reno business catering something special this season? Let the team with the “Hospitality Gene” make your next celebration a success!

Reno Holiday Party Catering 2014 Sparks, Lake Tahoe

This year, The Cheese Board Catering Company of Reno is putting a bow on 33 years of helping people in Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Carson City, Incline Village, and beyond celebrate the holiday season with amazing food, inspired drinks, and service beyond compare. How do they do it? You might say it’s in their DNA.

“It’s what I call “the Hospitality Gene,” says Debbie Branby, founder of The Cheese Board. “You either have it, or you don’t. Here at The Cheese Board, having the Hospitality Gene is a job requirement.”

In a nutshell, the Hospitality Gene is that unique combination of 1) being a “foodie” and getting joy out of great food and drink and sharing it with other people 2) being a “people person” and truly caring about making each person feel welcome and taken care of; and 3) being mindful that it is a great privilege to cater in people’s homes and businesses, and equally great care must be taken to leave them in even better shape than they were found in. The Hospitality Gene is what drives the catering team at The Cheese Board, led by Executive Chef Kaimi Coonrad, to absolutely “wow” clients, families, friends, and guests at the holiday parties, celebrations, and special events they cater throughout the Reno-Tahoe area.

“It’s really quite remarkable,” said Barbara B., a longtime client of The Cheese Board, “the difference in the quality and service delivery from one caterer to the next. When the food matters,” she added, “don’t waste your time. Call The Cheese Board.”

Artful Food For Artown & Summer Fun in Reno/Tahoe!

A lot of folks know The Cheese Board has been catering Reno-Tahoe events since 1981. But what a lot of folks don’t know is that we don’t just cater fancy events at people’s homes or businesses. We also love helping folks out when they want to add a little something special to their party or when they need something yummy but don’t have time to cook. That’s why we have a whole bunch of special entrées and delicious menus for people who need catering and who just happen to be on the run. Sound familiar? So for all those summertime (and early fall!) events and out-of-door gatherings that make Reno-Tahoe so great, we’ve got house-made entrées, soups, salads, sides, and desserts to match. And, we package them right out of the oven into handy carry-and-serve containers (all 100 percent recycled and recyclable, because it’s a small, delicate planet we all share). For more information, call Krista Phillips at ext. 105 or Debbie Branby at ext. 104 today! One more thing: The photo shown here is really our food, and it really was shot by the amazing photographer, Jeff Dow of Reno, Nevada. Bon appetit!

Lights, Camera, Action: The Cheese Board’s new “DIY” catering and dining room captured by the talented Jeff Dow

Amazing photographer and longtime friend Jeff Dow came over recently to photograph The Cheese Board’s new DIY (“do-it-yourself”) catering, a program we developed because brides were calling us for affordable drop-off reception food, and we wanted to raise the bar by offering a beautiful presentation to compliment our tasty food. We had discovered some amazing eco-friendly platters at a national catering conference that fit into almost any decor. Jeff & Co. also captured our wonderful dining room, which is available after 5 p.m. for your private events, such as pharmaceutical dinners, sales presentations, board of directors meetings, or wedding rehearsal dinners for 20-50 guests. We think it’s the prettiest dining room in Reno…don’t you agree?

The Montage Taps The Cheese Board To Kick Up The Color For An Artown-Inspired Reception

The Cheese Board’s catering crew kicked up the color Thursday night for an artist’s reception called “Culture, Community & Cocktails”  hosted by The Montage in downtown Reno. The Artown-inspired event showcased original works by Marcio Decker of Decker Fine Arts and artwork by Annie Hooker and Andrew Bolam. The Cheese Board’s catering team crafted colorful food, drink, floral, and décor to salute these fine artists and their fans. Earlier in the month, our talented friends at Sup dazzled Artown devotees at a similar event at The Montage. From all of us at The Cheese Board, a big shout-out to the fabulous team at The Montage for raising the bar and bringing back color and cosmopolitan flair to downtown living in our hometown: Reno, Nevada!