35 Years, 35 Memories #10: Big California Wedding

 In Cheese

“Twenty-four years ago, Debbie and crew came over to Milpitas, CA to cater our son’s wedding — 250 guests. They took over the kitchen, the grounds, and our lives for three days. All these years later, we still have people taking about that amazing night.”
–Dr. and Mrs. Gene Barrie

What a day! The Barries had a wonderful kitchen, relatively new, and boy did we ever make use of it! I believe one of the ovens had never been used. And just try finding a place to store 120 lbs. of fresh salmon in a home refrigerator — well, I’m here to tell you, you can’t. Thank God someone loaned us space in their commercial cooler (a learning moment!). All ended well with a beautiful day, beautiful bride and groom, beautiful location, and delicious food — except for the ants we found crawling on the cake in a back room — let’s hear it for tweezers!

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