35 Years, 35 Memories #15: Legendary Lemon Bars

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For years, people have asked me for the recipe to our lemon bars. To be clear, it is not my recipe. Diana Johnson worked for The Cheese Board many, many years ago and shared her recipe. She later moved to the Bay Area to become an Episcopal minister and left the recipe to us. Since then, those lemon bars have made their way onto many menus, but none are the same (or as good) as these originals!


“My favorite memory… I used to come over for lunch when I worked downtown and I’d always buy extra lemon bars to bring back for the girls in my office. I mean, they ARE the most epic lemon bars in the history of ever! Anyways, the girls in my office are not aware of this little fact, as I ate every single one of them before I could get them back to the office… every singe time!”
Kate Patay

“Congrats on 35 years of superb food and service. I love your lemon bars. Totally intoxicating. You catered a wedding I went to and everyone raved about your food and organization in executing the evening flawlessly. Cheers to you!”
Maura Kenney

Thanks, women of great taste!! –Debbie

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