35 Years, 35 Memories #6: Hermitage Gallery, 1985

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Debbie & Donna Celebrate the opening of Hermitage Gallery in Reno, NV, circa 1985.“I remember when we had our California Avenue opening for Hermitage Gallery at The Cheese Board and the Austrian artist Josef Eidenberger was here. As soon as he got out of the car, he immediately walked across the street and we had the horrifying thought: famous Austrian artist killed in front of local women’s businesses before his show.

At another reception, someone dipped you, Debbie, under a glass-topped table, and when they brought you up, your head broke the glass. Glass was everywhere, but you were unscratched.

And the “Cuisine/Art” series we did with art, videos, and matching food was very fun. Evelyn Crumbaker came up with the “American Gothic” picture idea and on the farmer’s pitchfork was a prawn.

We sure had a wonderful time, didn’t we?!”

–Donna Antraccoli

We did have a great time!  We both were working long hours, few staff  (more like family, as in my siblings, shown below),  lots of laughs, and I believe a fair amount of wine …


Debbie with Carol & Tracy Hieber and Krista Waddington


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